Level Up with WebAssembly Book

Learning WebAssembly shouldn't be this hard

The ability to port C/C++ apps to the browser is magic as far as I'm concerned. But getting there doesn't have to be this painful:

Level up with WebAssembly book cover

A practical book on building WebAssembly applications.

When I finally figured it out for myself, I wrote it all down in this book

This book is a gentle—but in-depth guide—to get started with WebAssembly:

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What readers think of the book:

WebAssembly is constantly evolving and it can be hard to find concise and up-to-date information to learn how to wield its awesomeness. Level Up with WebAssembly was the 'tl;dr' I was looking for.

When I joined the Chrome WebAssembly team as their Product Manager and needed to get up to speed on using WebAssembly, I used this book. I had a complex codebase that I wanted to bring to the web and I directly used the examples in this book to successfully accomplish the port.

The book is concise, example-packed, and implementation-oriented. The book shows approaches that have worked but also those that have failed, possibly saving developers time by avoiding dead ends.

You scrolled this far—here's a sneak peek of what you'll build:

My personal favorite is porting a C++ Pacman clone to the browser:

Porting Pacman to the web

Port command-line tools like diff, and use them in your web apps!
(included in the Complete Edition package)

Porting the diff command-line utility to the web

In the Capstone project, you'll build a web app that
clusters data points, and plots the results interactively:
(included in the Complete Edition package)

Porting the KMeans algorithm with WebAssembly

How deep do you want to go?

The Book

The Minimalist



  • Updated May 2020
    The Book
    PDF with ~100 pages, jam-packed with WebAssembly awesomeness. You also get all future updates to the book
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The Starter Kit

Hit the Ground Running


  • Includes The Book plus:

  • Cheat Sheet
    Cheat Sheets
    The most common command-line options you'll need for Emscripten + reference code snippets

  • Guide
    Quickstart Guide to WebWorkers and FileReader
    Guide to two Web APIs used in the book to complement WebAssembly

  • new august 2019
    Serverless WebAssembly
    A guide to serverless WebAssembly. Includes code + deploy instructions for AWS, GCP, Azure, Cloudflare & Fastly.
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The Complete Edition

Everything But the Kitchen Sink


  • Includes Starter Kit plus:

  • Screencasts
    15 Command-Line Screencasts
    With play/pause controls and copy/paste functionality!

  • Guide
    Guide to Porting UNIX
    tools to the web

    Learn to port awk, diff and coreutils tools such as cut, sort and uniq!

  • Capstone
    Capstone Project
    Practice what you learned, by building an interactive web tool that uses WebAssembly to cluster data points
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